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Well another super day on our residential. All your comments that Miss Cooper is sharing are fantastic! Thank you so much for following the fun! The children have been wonderful showing great teamwork, listening skills and a general love of all that we have been doing. We are just waiting to go for dinner and then an evening of games. Thanks again Mrs Kirby and all the staff.      

7 thoughts on “Reading The Blog”

  1. It looks like you have had an amazing residential and the weather has been kind to you too!!!! It has been quiet around school with so many of you away. I hope you have looked after your teachers. Enjoy your last night. See you tomorrow.
    Mrs Forshaw


  2. Its great to see that today has been a lovely day for you all , really glad everyone is having a good time , I bet the kids will sleep well tonight , to Joseph BIG HUGS from mum, Ps, fasten ya laces you monkey haha!
    See you tomorrow and love all the pics xx


  3. Hello Archie, Looks like you have had a very nice day today. Enjoy your tea and have a great evening tonight, have fun everyone. See you tomorrow. Xx


  4. Hello Tj we hope you’ve had a super time and I’m.glad the weathers been.nice for you all, enjoy the games tonight and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow, goodnight sweetheart xx mum dad Tyler pippa


  5. No biting nails Toral!! Anyway shiv said he can’t wait to see you tomorrow girl.. Enjoy yourselves and get a early night…


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