Team challenge 1

Our first challenge was to use our team work skills to line up from smallest to largest in size order! We had to use our communication skills in order to complete this activity. We then had to line up in the chronological order of our birthdays… This was a little bit more tricky!!  


4 thoughts on “Team challenge 1”

  1. Hi, sounds very interesting what you all doing. Amirah are you ready for your lunch. Couldnt spot you at breakfast hope you enjoyed it. Also hope you manged to tie your hair😜


  2. Looks fun brody..
    we’re following you on the blog..niall is looking forward to the trips when he starts junior school in a couple of years xx


  3. Hi Freya xxxx Looks like your having a great time..looks fun…just home from work..couldn’t wait to get home to see what you all been up to!!! Ilam Hall looks beautiful…hope you’ve taken some pictures to show us when you get home…missing you..much love xxxxxx


  4. Looks soooo fun xx love your concentration face Sam 😂😂👌 you and Archie look so funny xx have a good rest of your trip xx see you later Sam Charlie and Archie xxx


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