Time for tea!

After a very hectic day, we were ready for some delicious food in our bellies!! We are so very full and are now heading to the lounge to play some games!


9 thoughts on “Time for tea!”

  1. We’re really really missing you hamaad, can’t wait to have you back tomorrow! Sleep well & see you tomorrow xx


  2. Hi Jacob
    Hope you managed to eat something. Ozzy can’t wait for you to come home so he can have a nice hug, Holly’s hugs are too rough!! Holly misses you, she said I didn’t do her breakfast as good as you do! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Enjoy your games, sleep well. Love & hugs, Mum, Holly & Ozzy xxxx


  3. One more sleep we’re all missing u like mad chels have a good day tomorrow and we will be waiting for u to get bak good night babes xxx


  4. Hi Sam tea looks yummy again- have fun tonight, can’t wait for you to come home tomorrow, love you loads mum dad Lauren xxxxxxxxxx


  5. Looks like you’ve had fun day today Ayesha. We are missing you alot and are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Sweet dreams xxxx


  6. Glad you’re having fun everyone. Miss ya chaz, Erin is wondering where you are! See you tomorrow xxx love you, mum xx


  7. Rrrrr we miss u Ishaq so much. hope u have had lots of fun can’t wait to hear all about it have a great sleep now cu tomorrow xx bhaji sophi says hi x


  8. Hey up Ishaq looks like u havering a good time quite round house and ur sisters keep asking for u 😉 miss you mate see you soon dad


  9. Tea looks good Blake!!! Hope you enjoyed the Beetle drive 👍. You look really relaxed hope your enjoying every minute xxx


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