9 thoughts on “Working Up An Apetite”

  1. You guys look like you have had a lot of fun this morning. Did you enjoy your breakfast this morning Matthew. Look forward to seeing more pics later. Love mum xx


  2. Well done everyone, you seem to be fabulous at team building! The sun is shining and you all look so happy. We really hope you enjoy your second night in Ilam, Mrs Kirby and I really enjoyed it last year so I know you will too.
    Have a wonderful time, Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Roberts


  3. Nice to see some physical exercise going on… Don’t over do it Toral you know your knees bad and need looking at. Apart from that looks wicked and wish I was there having fun with you guys lol bless y’all


  4. We have seen your brilliant team work games and decided to have a go ourselves! we did really well at organising ourselves from tallest to smallest and in order of our birthdays – but we did ours without talking to each other! It was really hard! Enjoy the rest of your day, we can’t wait to see what else you get up to tomorrow! Have a safe and peaceful night! Miss Reed, Mrs Turner and the rest of Y4! 🙂


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