Big breakfast!

Yet again we are being treated to a scrumptious breakfast before we begin our last day of activities!  


9 thoughts on “Big breakfast!”

  1. Good morning everyone!!
    You all look like your enjoying breakfast
    Hisham miss you loads can’t wait to see you mwah xxxxxxxx mummy


  2. Hi Rebecca. Hope you all had a good nights sleep. Those Rice Crispies look nice, the cooked breakfasts look awesome though, you will have to bring me a doggy bag. Have a great day, I can not wait to hear all about it tonight. Thank you to all the teacher’s who have made this such an adventure. See you later. Love Dad x


  3. Morning Daisy….enjoy your last day, Archie’s wondering where you are, and we’ve all missed you loads!! Subway surfers is ready and waiting for you!!
    Love mum and dad…xxxx


  4. Morning hamaad! Hope you slept well and enjoyed your breakfast, looking forward to seeing you later.
    Ps baby’s been looking for you, think she’s missing you and your cuddles xx


  5. Good morning Matthew, I hope you enjoyed your breakfast this morning. I bet none of you expected snow on your trip to Ilam Hall, I wonder if you will get a chance to build a snowman. Enjoy your last day, can’t wait to see you later. Love mum xxx


  6. Cole weston you haven’t changed you’re clothes from Tuesday lol!!!! I hope you’ve had a wash x enjoy your last day xx


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